Pat Boone – Perfect For 4th of July

Pat Boone’s American Glory album is perfect for Fourth of July! Loved working with Pat Boone at a LIVE patriotic event filmed years ago at a Christian ministry. Ran teleprompter for the first time ever for him. (No pressure, it being a LIVE event with an American icon!) He was so kind as he gently gave instructions during rehearsal from the stage via audio back to my location in the control room. I was really excited to work with him, famous for movies such as “State Fair” and “April Love” with Shirley Jones (The Partridge Family) and for hit songs such as “April Love.” Also really like his daughter Debbie Boone, known for her famous hit “You Light Up My Life.”

Seriously listened to this today while I decorated a 4th of July cake with my sisters making an American flag out of strawberries and blueberries. (Have wanted to make one of these for years. Finally, my sisters and I made it happen!)

Pat Boone’s American Glory features great songs including: America The Beautiful, This Is My Country and God Bless America.

After the LIVE event, met him in person with my Mom (who was also working the event with him). He was very nice and wanted to make sure his Bible, which he had brought with him, made it back to him safely. Unlikely for me, I didn’t ask for a picture (which I’m sure he would have graciously given) but did ask for his autograph, seen on the CD below. Thankful to God for the opportunity.

Pat Boone is a classic, and classics never go out of style. So with all your Fourth of July celebrations, whether it be BBQ or fireworks, add a little Pat Boone to it! Along with prayers of thanksgiving and petition for America.

God bless America!


Pat Boone Album


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