Some of the Best Fiction Books 4 Girls

Robin Jones Gunn books

With wholesome love stories, fun adventures, good friendships, exciting trips and biblical truths, author Robin Jones Gunn creates stories that inspire and encourage girls and young women to dream. These books not only provide captivating characters, exciting adventures and fun reads better than TV shows, but they also offer spiritual guidance and wisdom to help girls and women navigate on their own journeys through life. A positive Christian influence, these books impact lives for Christ!

Robin Jones Gunn is one of my favorite authors and has written so many great books! My favorite collection of hers is The Christy Miller Series. My parents got the first Christy Miller book for my sister Ashleigh, who loved them! She in turn encouraged me to read them (thanks Ashleigh!) and I too fell in love with the stories and characters. My parents continued to buy us the books (thanks Mom & Dad!)

Robin Jones Gunn Photo

Robin Jones Gunn

Love these books and God has blessed me so much through them that I highly recommend to all teen girls and young women! If you have daughters, nieces, granddaughters or know young girls, I encourage you to give them The Christy Miller Series as a gift!

These books and more of Robin’s have influenced me through the years in positive ways, combining interesting, entertaining stories and adventures with a Christian influence. Along with sharing the Gospel, they encourage readers to follow Christ and His ways, practice godly behavior and love one another. It s so important what we influence ourselves with!

On Robin Jones Gunn’s website, she shares how these books first began: “While on a camping trip with their church youth group, Robin grew concerned when she saw what the girls were reading in their tent. The 13 year-old girls challenged her, saying, ‘If you don’t want us to read these books then you should write novels for us. We’ll even tell you what to write. How hard could that be?’”

Sarah Robin 2

With Robin Jones Gunn at the ICRS in Denver. Holding an “I Heart Todd” t-shirt.

Robin Jones Gunn is such a gifted writer who brings characters to life in such an engaging way. God has touched me through the pages of her books! So many TV shows and books depict characters that are bad influences on girls – that’s why girls need books like these with Christian characters who seek to follow God and please Him with their lives! Who look to the Bible and pray for guidance. Who seek to honor God in their relationships. Girls will look to find role models, whether in person, TV, music or movies. These books provide positive role models girls need and positive reading material!

God blessed me with the opportunity to meet Robin at the ICRS in Denver in 2009. She was so gracious and kind with the light of Christ and His love shining through her. Robin autographed one of my Christy Miller books, along with one of the new Katie Weldon books. Robin invited my Mom, sisters and me to a special event she was speaking at: The Pearl Girls Tea at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver. It was a fun, special night out for my Mom, sisters and me. (Thankfully my sister Ashleigh was able to attend and also meet Robin!)

Robin Jones Gunn

At the Pearl Girls Tea with Robin Jones Gunn at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver

Sarah Robin 1

In recent years, Robin Jones Gunn came out with the Katie Weldon Series to let us know what happened with Christy Miller’s best friend Katie. Also, the Christy Miller Series, in addition to the The College Years Series has continued with newly released books Christy & Todd: The Married Years Series.

What a positive difference these books can make in the lives of girls! I strongly believe God can touch people through them, even as He has touched me. I highly recommend them for great gifts and resources! They are an outlet for God to speak to the hearts of the readers to influence them for their own good and for the Kingdom.

Sarah with RJG book

With one of my favorite Robin Jones Gunn books – the new book in the Sierra Jensen series!

You can follow Robin on her facebook for updates on books and sales! Check out these great book series by Robin Jones Gunn!

The Christy Miller Series

Christy Miller College years

Sierra Jensen Series

Sierra Jensen Series

Katie Weldon Series

Katie Weldon Series


Glenbrooke Series



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