Told You There Are Videos…

I previously mentioned that I like to find the humor in life and take some things not so seriously, like with some of my videos.

Well now here are some of those videos.

Please don’t take me seriously…

Here is a video I did with my sister Hayley. For some explanation, let me tell you we had watched numerous episodes of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.” We thought it was a great show to spoof! Not sure if you’ve ever seen the show, or are familiar with techniques used to “find Bigfoot,” but this video will give you a good idea! With a “Soul Check TV” twist, of course.


Remember when Carrie Underwood did the Sound of Music LIVE on television? This is my spoof!


If you’d like to share these videos, that would be appreciated as it would be great to get more views and possibly make some money off of advertising!

Bigfoot Episode SPOILER:
(Just like on “Finding Bigfoot,” we didn’t find him either!)


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