God Never Expires

Have been reading through Anne of Green Gables books lately as a way to relax, enjoying the night time reads as I follow the fictional life and stories of enthusiastic, dramatic Anne in picturesque landscapes with colorful characters and interesting experiences. Becoming emotional attached to her world, friends and way of life, I felt a tinge of sadness thinking that the stories would come to an end. Then what would I read? Especially since Anne books were finding a special place in my heart.

The books would end. Just like favorite TV shows. Rereads and reruns are good if spaced far enough apart… but the stories run out. They end.

Then I came to thinking… God never expires. He never ends. Never leaves. He’s always there to love, discover more of and is full of wonderful surprises. Stories with Him never end. New joys are waiting with Him all the time. I found comfort in that as I readjusted my gaze to the eternal. When Jesus is your Savior, your story with God never ends. Isn’t there great comfort in that?