Did Chris Pratt Ruin Jurassic World?

Chris Pratt 2

Did anyone else think of this?

In Jurassic World 1, Chris Pratt’s character “Owen” should have known better…

He’s experienced… he’s trained raptors…
But yet, in the beginning of the movie, when they can’t find the extremely dangerous dinosaur in the extremely secure pen, what does “Owen” do? He investigates the pen – by going inside the pen. Yes, the censors didn’t detect the dinosaur’s body heat but still… he should have waited.
This is why the very dangerous dinosaur escaped, terrorized the other dinosaurs, people were killed and jurassic world was ruined… and caused the terrible events that followed in Jurassic World 2 and probably in Jurassic World 3.
About “Owen” investigating the pen with the other workers… they should have waited and not entered the pen. They should have checked all perimeters of the pen to see if there was breach (like a giant hole the dinosaur went through and could easily come right back through). An alert should have been sent to all staff, they should have closed down the park, sent the people home, saved everyone’s lives and kept the park in tact for the world to enjoy dinosaurs.
There you go. Problem solving for fictional characters with fictional extinct dinosaurs.
So there you go.
Chris Pratt 1.png

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