Trip Down Memory Lane: Christian Music Part 2

Steven Curtis Chapman was also a favorite of mine growing up. Love his The Great Adventure CD and music video.

Take a look:

As one who loves many pioneer and western stories, horses and the great outdoors since childhood, I loved the scenery and beautiful horses featured in this music video. Even thought his wardrobe was cool, with his colorful jacket. For me it was perfect! Though I didn’t quite understand the one bedroom in the middle of nowhere with collapsible walls haha.

Some family friends treated one of my sisters and I to his Great Adventure concert tour. Still remember seeing him at a distance from our seats at a packed out stadium with thousands of people.

Around that time, God blessed us with the opportunity to meet him when he was signing autographs at a store. He was sitting at a table, while we waited in line. When it was my turn, I approached him with a gift. A pencil drawn portrait of him with his first three children from a picture I had seen in a magazine. Believe I even framed it for him. He was very gracious and kind. Got a pic with him and it was a fun experience!

Still have my Great Adventure t-shirt.

Steven has really stood out as an artist who really loves Christ and wants to follow him. He also seems to be a very devoted and loving husband and father.

Two of his songs speak of his strong commitment as a husband to his wife. First song is titled “I Will Be Here.” Very popular at Christian weddings. Second is this beautiful love song.

Take a listen:

Another amazing song, speaking of commitment to do what God has called you to do, is a song titled “For the Sake of the Call.”

So thank you, Steven Curtis Chapman, for being a great role model and light in this world – of what it means to serve Christ – as a Christian, an artist, a husband and a father.

Next up, DC Talk. One of the coolest bands ever to hit Christian radio.

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