Trip Down Memory Lane: Christian Music Part 4

Some of the best music is in the past.

Love Audio Adrenaline growing up. One of my favorite bands.

Will let these songs speak for themselves.

Take a listen. I pray god touches your heart and impacts you through the music and lyrics.

I also pray some of these songs get stuck in your head haha.

Audio Adrenaline – Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus:

Big House.

Can’t Take God Away

Hands and Feet

One of my favorite contemporary Christian music songs ever:

Hope that the youth today will be introduced to these songs!

Another awesome Christian song:

May this be true for all Christians today!

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…” Romans 1:16, Bible

Now introducing you to a lovely singer – Twila Paris. Such a beautiful spirit with a true heart for God and Christian ministry. May God bless you through this beautiful song:

Trip Down Memory Lane: Christian Music Part 3

DC Talk.

Growing up, DC Talk was one of the coolest things ever.

Recently listened to some of their music again. Forgot how good it is!! And remembered how much I loved it! I hope teens today will take the time to listen… and that Christian parents will introduce it to their children.

Loved their CD “Free At Last” where I became a big fan.

Even joined their fan club and received their DC Talk t-shirt and dog tag necklace. (Still have the dog tag!)

Love their boldness for Jesus and message to live the Christian life and not worry what the world thinks about you.

This song is from that album. Take a listen:

(The video’s also worth watching to see their 90’s clothes and dance moves!)

Here’s another one of their songs from “Free At Last”:

Great anticipation came for the release of their following album: “Jesus Freak.” Couldn’t wait! Was so excited to hear the first single release on the radio. It was a big deal!

Here’s the official music video for the title song:

My sister Ashleigh and I used to skate to their music on Christian skate night at the roller rink. I often made requests for their songs.

This was some of the music that influenced my life.

The world needs true Christian artists who are bold for Christ, unashamed and singing for the right reasons.

Wonder how many people get saved at Christian concerts. My parents took me to many Christian concerts growing up and there were many altar calls, where people were invited to ask Jesus into their hearts.

My family and I got to see them in concert at Atlanta Fest – they were the headliner band. When the concert started, they appeared standing on a high platform that was slowly being lowered to the stage, with fog all around them. To my teen heart, it was so unexpected and so cool!

God blessed us with the opportunity to meet each of them individually at a big Christian music event one year. We were so excited!

After great success, the artists on DC Talk – Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max Smith – eventually went their separate ways and did solo projects.

Michael Tait then went onto to become the front man of the Newsboys.

Kevin Max the lead vocalist for the new Audio Adrenaline.

And Toby continues his solo career as Toby Mac.

There’s no way for any human to measure the impact for Christ these guys are having on earth. Only in Heaven can we know.

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Trip Down Memory Lane: Christian Music Part 2

Steven Curtis Chapman was also a favorite of mine growing up. Love his The Great Adventure CD and music video.

Take a look:

As one who loves many pioneer and western stories, horses and the great outdoors since childhood, I loved the scenery and beautiful horses featured in this music video. Even thought his wardrobe was cool, with his colorful jacket. For me it was perfect! Though I didn’t quite understand the one bedroom in the middle of nowhere with collapsible walls haha.

Some family friends treated one of my sisters and I to his Great Adventure concert tour. Still remember seeing him at a distance from our seats at a packed out stadium with thousands of people.

Around that time, God blessed us with the opportunity to meet him when he was signing autographs at a store. He was sitting at a table, while we waited in line. When it was my turn, I approached him with a gift. A pencil drawn portrait of him with his first three children from a picture I had seen in a magazine. Believe I even framed it for him. He was very gracious and kind. Got a pic with him and it was a fun experience!

Still have my Great Adventure t-shirt.

Steven has really stood out as an artist who really loves Christ and wants to follow him. He also seems to be a very devoted and loving husband and father.

Two of his songs speak of his strong commitment as a husband to his wife. First song is titled “I Will Be Here.” Very popular at Christian weddings. Second is this beautiful love song.

Take a listen:

Another amazing song, speaking of commitment to do what God has called you to do, is a song titled “For the Sake of the Call.”

So thank you, Steven Curtis Chapman, for being a great role model and light in this world – of what it means to serve Christ – as a Christian, an artist, a husband and a father.

Next up, DC Talk. One of the coolest bands ever to hit Christian radio.

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Looking for Good Music? Look Behind You. Trip Down Memory Lane: Christian Music Part 1

Sometimes we forget amazing music from the past. Music that God worked through to touch us, inspire, encourage and help keep us on the straight and narrow path. Music – that in some ways – changes our lives.

We all need music like that.

Music is so powerful. It helps shape us and mold our views of life and the world.

I recently took a trip down memory lane, listening to Christian music I loved growing up. I forgot how much I loved some of these songs, how amazing some of them are and how powerful of messages they carry.

When I was growing up, my parents introduced me to a lot of Christian music:

D.C. Talk

Steven Curtis Chapman

Michael W. Smith

Audio Adrenaline

Twila Paris


Some of you know who I’m talking about. (Most of the artists God blessed us with opportunities to meet, some even with really cool stories!)

It was really smart of my parents to do this. Because it’s like there’s a music compartment in each of our lives and it might start out void, but we’re going to fill it with some kind of music. Teenagers especially seem to look for music role models in their lives. So be sure to fill the “music compartment” in your life and if you have children, in your kids’ lives, with the right kind of music and the right role models to look up to.

So if you will, take a trip with me, down memory lane… to meet these artists and great songs, or for some of you, to re-visit.

First up, Michael W. Smith.

Michael W. Smith’s song “Secret Ambition” seemed to be at the time one of the coolest songs/videos ever in Christian music at the time! I hope kids and teens today will be introduced to it and enjoy it!

Take a look:

Such a powerful message of Christ’s work of salvation on the cross, to bring us to God!

When watching 1990’s Christian music videos, it’s also fun to see the style and fashions that were popular in the day. My sisters and I use to make music videos of some of our favorite songs, lip syncing to the artists, using the home video camera to record.

Another great favorite of Michael’s in this time was “Place In This World.”

One of my family’s favorites was his album “Lead You Home.” We listened to it over and over again on cross country move.

Another one of my favorites was a song called “Live the Life,” a song I heard him play LIVE at huge youth conference DC/LA. It was awesome to be with 10,000 teens singing about living your life for God.

Later on. Michael W. Smith came out with his first worship album titled “Worship.” One of the best worship albums ever! God blessed my family and I with the opportunity to be part of the recording when Michael W. Smith recored the album at Carpenter’s Home Church in Lakeland FL, a church that holds thousands. Still remember see Michael at the piano from our seats near the front and singing along with the songs, worshipping God.

Thank you, Michael W. Smith, for using your gifts and talents to bring people closer to God, to help point people to Jesus and stay on the straight and narrow and to be a positive influence in this world!

God blessed my family and I with the opportunity to meet Michael W. Smith in the 1990’s. We were visiting Franklin, TN and drove past Michael’s club for youth called Rocketown. There he was, standing out side in the parking lot. We pulled in, got out of the car and met him. He was so gracious and nice. We got a pic with him, and he invited my older sister and I to come to his youth club that night, putting us on his guest list. So thankful to God for such a cool experience!

It’s so important to have Christian singers who are doing it for the right reasons. They’re such a light in this world!

Next up, Steven Curtis Chapman.

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Hair Toss Girl – Hair As A Sport

People may not think of hair as a sport. But it can be.

People may not think of hair as a weapon. But it can be. Anyway who has seen tangled knows that. How Rapunzel whips her hair around and uses it as a tool. She knocks out the bad guys.

Hair can be dangerous.

And so can the sport of hair tossing. Whipping your neck back and forth, up and down. It can also be dangerous to spectators standing nearby. It takes skill, athleticism, determination.

Take a look, at the sport and talent, of hair tossing:


Told You There Are Videos…

I previously mentioned that I like to find the humor in life and take some things not so seriously, like with some of my videos.

Well now here are some of those videos.

Please don’t take me seriously…

Here is a video I did with my sister Hayley. For some explanation, let me tell you we had watched numerous episodes of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.” We thought it was a great show to spoof! Not sure if you’ve ever seen the show, or are familiar with techniques used to “find Bigfoot,” but this video will give you a good idea! With a “Soul Check TV” twist, of course.


Remember when Carrie Underwood did the Sound of Music LIVE on television? This is my spoof!


Bigfoot Episode SPOILER:
(Just like on “Finding Bigfoot,” we didn’t find him either!)